Wendy's is known for its aggressive Twitter presence and it's taking full advantage of National Roast Day (Jan. 4). The account has been lighting up anyone that tweets at it, and a number of bands have made the call.

First, Wendy's used screamo mainstays Hawthorne Heights and hardcore stalwarts Terror to roast an unlucky individual.

Hawthorne Heights chimed in on the action.

Afterwards they went for the jugular on pop-punk band State Champs. Much like other new-wave pop-punk bands of the 2010's, the New York group take much inspiration from classic acts of the early 2000s, such as Blink-182, Yellowcard and, like Wendy's pointed out, New Found Glory.

Next, and perhaps most impressively, they placed a target on metalcore band The Browning. "Haven't had a track worth listening to since the rapper quit," the account wrote. The Browning originally formed in 2005 as the crunk-core side project of former As Blood Runs Black vocalist Jonny Mcbee. Rapper Matt Keck was the only other member at the time of the band's formation, but soon left to pursue a career as a comedian.

Our friends over at Lambgoat also received a zesty one-liner, with whoever writing Wendy's tweets obviously aware of their ridiculous comment sections.

Chicago pop-punk band Sleep On It also took some direct heat.

Metalcore band Miss May I took a missile that referenced Hatebreed.

Then they came for Hopeless Records:

Attila vocalist Fronz was next to take a hit:

Beartooth were served next:

Then, GWAR got a taste:

Atreyu asked to be roasted, and they received:

Nickelback got roasted without even asking for it:

Victory Records got the sauce:

Chelsea Grin weren't absent from the roast fest:

Finally, Wendy's hit us with a low blow:

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