Another twist in the Grand Rapids mutilation case as court documents show the parents of the man accused of murder and mutilation of a woman played a greater role in a cover of up.

According to WOOD, 31-year-old Ashley Young was last seen with Jared Chance November 29th at Miss Tracy's Liquor Store on Franklin Street in Grand Rapids which is one block from Chance's apartment.

December 2nd, the couple that lived in the same house as Chance complained of a terrible smell coming from the basement and when they went to investigate is when they found a tarp with blood leaking from it.

The torso of the Young was found but her head, arms and legs were missing.

DNA results concluded it was the torso of Young but since the head was missing the examiner cannot determine the exact cause of death. The case is now being called a homicide by unspecified means.

December 1st, Chance was picked up by his father James Chance and Mother Barbara Chance along with their other son Konrad Chance.

Apparently the parents helped move the body parts since traces of human blood and tissue were found inside the parents' car.

James and Barbara Chance then drove to Young's car to get another box before taking Jared to their home in Holland.

Police searched Chance's parents' home and that is where they found the saw used in the mutilation under the living room couch complete with traces of blood and human tissue.

For yet another twist in this already disgusting case, Jared Chance had recently told his neighbor just days before the murder that he knew how to murder someone and not get caught.

Chance was arraigned Friday on charges of open murder and three counts of tampering with evidence. If convicted, Chance will be behind bars for life.

Chance's parents, James and Barbara Chance have both been charged with perjury and for being accessories after the fact.

Barbara claims she and her husband called police to turn in their son but the police deny the claim.

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