If you are a night owl like me burning the midnight oil, then you will most likely appreciate this as much as I do! Wendy's has a all new late night only special called the Moonlight Meal Deal... it's freaking awesome. Every single night of the week after 10PM you can go on over to Wendy's and for only 5 dollars get a large soda, a double stack cheeseburger, and chili cheese fries! 5 dollars? That is insane! Especially since I rock out with you folks til midnight every night and the majority of Wendy's in town are open past midnight!

I love this deal a little too much, especially since I am a self proclaimed "soda-alohic" I freakin' like pop! The 5 dollar Moonlight Meal Deal only happens at Wendy's... Maybe I'll catch you there sometime ;)

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