There have been some mashups before, but nothing like this! Most of them are internet doodles where people cleverly stick vocals from one song over another, but this takes the whole mashup, and guest musician thing to a whole new level. Sepultura is celebrating 30 years of Brazilian insanity, and for their performance at Rock on the Range USA in Las Vegas, they teamed up with Steve Vai!

Never thought it would happen, eh? What do yo mean it never crossed your mind as something they would try?

Me either, honestly...but it actually sounds pretty cool. They learned some Vai, he learned one of their biggest 'hits'...everything sounded huge!

Mr. Vai took the stage for some jamming, a cool live version of 'Bad Horsie', and then he joined them for a blistering version of 'Roots Bloody Roots'!

I'm not sure the crowd knew what was going to happen when they introduced Steve, but they got a pretty cool 15 minutes to wrap up the Sepultura set!

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