Steve Vai has released a shredding new track called “Busted,” taken from his upcoming album featuring late singer Johnny “Gash” Sombrotto.

Vai/Gash was recorded in 1991 when the pair decided to explore their passion for the biker lifestyle through music. Sombrotto had been seriously injured in a cycle accident in 1977, and died in another crash in 1998. Their collaboration nevertheless remained unreleased, while Vai found himself waylaid by other projects.

“‘Busted’ is basically about the incessant and nefarious activities of a corrupt and skanky mistress against her biker boyfriend,” Vai said in a news release, “but she got busted. The entire track was recorded in one day and Gash slammed the vocal out in two takes.” “Busted” can be heard below.

Vai says he was impressed by Sombretto’s attitude when they first met. “Something in me wanted to get him in the studio and see how he would belt over these biker type songs I had demoed – but nothing could have prepared me for the voice that came out of his mouth,” Vai previously said. “I had to think, ‘Of course, he sounds like that because that’s him – confident, authentic, fearless but with a light-hearted intention.’ This was the voice I wanted to hear wailing over these slamming rock tracks. I was stunned.”

Vai says he’s listened to the record at least once a year since its completion, usually around the anniversary of his friend’s death. “I wish you would have had a chance to get to know John,” Vai added. “I believe you would have loved him just as we all did.”

Vai/Gash is set to arrive on Jan. 27 via Mascot Label Group, with a vinyl edition following on Feb. 24. It’s available for pre-order now.

Listen to Vai/Gash Perform ‘Busted’

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