A new crime trend that's been making its way across the country has finally hit Michigan. Are you prepared for crooks serving you?

Recently, I've noticed a spate of stories about criminals in other states dressing up as employees of a business, pretending to work there, and then stealing stuff from either the business or customers.

It began at a bunch of Wal Mart stores in the South, with crooks helping customers, and then walking out with big ticket items.

And now the, 'Hey, I'm not a crook, I work here!' trend has hit Michigan.

A Subway restaurant in Traverse City was robbed by a man who went behind the counter, made his own sandwich, and then rang up several customers orders before fleeing with $20 in cash and a sandwich.

Oddly enough, the TC incident happened in a Wal Mart. Go figure.

Anyway, be on the lookout for criminals with a helpful smile, and a hand in the till.


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