Kevin Nash made some controversial comments in a Grantland article. He said that the wrestling business died when Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit hugged at Wrestlemania XX after winning the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. I personally believe that the wrestling business died when David Arquette won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000.

Nash also said that current WWE Superstars CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are not bigger than life and that nobody would recognize them in an airport unless they had a gimmick shirt on and the belt. I agree with Nash on this one. Punk and Bryan are extremely talented and I am a fan of their work, but neither one is as over as they think. The WWE Champion should be a big time draw. If current WWE Champion CM Punk was so over, WWE wouldn't feel the need to put guys like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker in pay-per-view main events. Last year's Wrestlemania would have ranked as the weakest in history if not for John Cena vs The Rock and Triple H vs The Undertaker.

Punk also says he's the "best in the world." What does that even mean? The best at what? If you ask me, I'd say the best wrestlers in the world today are The Rock and Brock Lesnar simply because they only have to work a couple of times a year and they get the big money for it. This is the wrestling BUSINESS! Whoever draws the most money is the best, period!

I have nothing but respect for Punk and Bryan and I'll bet they both have tremendous careers, but Nash is right on.

You can read the entire Kevin Nash article here.

The annual Gathering Of The Juggalos is happening this week and it includes JCW's Bloodymania 6.  Wrestlers booked to appear include Colt Cabana, Hurricane Helms, The Rock N Roll Express, The Headbangers, Zach Gowen, Carlito, John Morrison, Bobby Lashley, Steve Corino, Scott Steiner, Necro Butcher, Vampiro, Matt Hardy, X-Pac, Vader, Chris Masters and many others.  I went to a JCW show at The Orbit Room last month and even though there weren't many people in attendance, it was the best live wrestling show I've seen this year.

I managed Sabu to two victories at The Gathering in 2004 and getting in the ring to entertain thousands of Juggalos was unlike any other experience I've ever had in the wrestling industry.  Hanging out backstage all day with people like Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes and then going out to entertain a truly hot and rabid crowd was some of the most fun I've ever had in my life.

I'm currently retired from the wrestling industry, but I'd consider coming back to work for JCW.  I have the perfect gimmick.  I'd be a corporate radio DJ who comes out to Nickelback and tells the Juggalos that their music is trash.  I'd get heat for sure.  Let's do it Joe!

Just a random thought but Robbie E had a solid quote talking about Jeff Hardy on TNA Impact this week.  He said...  “Now I’ll list the five reasons you’ll never be at Robbie E’s level. Reason number one, I wear cool pink sweaters and you wear dirtbag wifebeaters, bro.”  I had zero interest in Robbie E when he debuted, but TNA might have something with that guy.  He plays the douchebag role very well.

Say goodbye to Abraham Washington.  He was fired by WWE after his recent Kobe Bryant joke on Raw.  He commented on Twitter after his firing saying...

“Let this be a lesson to up and coming talent in the WWE don’t try and be great like the Rock or Stone Cold. WWE isn’t the same.”

“Thank you WWE for creating me and then killing me because I only portrayed what I grew up watching.”

“I love entertaining people and the standup stage is what is next for me. If you think that Kobe joke was bad wait till you hear my Vince jokes."

Abraham Washington's joke was lame and I don't blame WWE for firing him.  He took a chance on live TV, which I admire, but he crashed and burned.  It happens sometimes.  Nobody will miss him.  It will be as if he never existed in the WWE Universe.  I love when guys push the boundaries, but the bottom line is that his joke was stupid.

I don't want to comment on the Kamala-Dawn Marie situation because I don't know anything about it, but I hope they didn't screw the poor guy out of money.

I leave you this week with some classic Kamala.  Everything about this match is brilliant.  Wrestling needs squash matches.  It's how you get guys over.