2020 marks the 10th year for Gilda's LaughFest so festival organizers are going to attempt to set another world record in Grand Rapids.

On Saturday March 7th, be a part of history by wearing mismatched socks. So if you've ever been victim to the dryer monster eating one of your socks, you don't have to worry about finding its pair! In fact, the more mismatched the better!

The world record attempt will be held at the Studio Park Piazza and are hoping for a crowd of at least 1,000 people to break the record for "the greatest gathering of people wearing mismatched socks..."

The rules to participate are as follows:

  1. Socks must be from two different pairs and be significantly different
  2. A pair of socks may not be altered to appear different i.e. drawing on them, sewing, etc.
  3. Socks need to physically be seen (wear them over pants, wear shorts/skirt/dress)

Those wishing to participate must be at the Piazza by 2:45 p.m. and the attempt will be taken at 3 p.m.

Keep up-to-date on the LaughFest website here.

This year's festival will take place March 5-15th with Jim Gaffigan kicking off the festivities and Jeff Foxworthy headlining the Signature Event on the 14th.

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