We have officially run out of things to think of.  Now, it's just adding technology to whatever we've already come up with to make it more interesting for us.

We now have done some many things, and we've created so much tech...it's time to merge the two in everything we do.

We've got quadcopters and drones filming everything we do, so why not get one, and fly it over people randomly boning in random locations?  Check out DRONE BONING!

I will admit it's beautifully shot, but you don't get a whole lot of the actual boning as the drone flies over the couple going at it on a farm, on top of buildings, etc.

It's really kind of funny, watching this beautiful drone shot as you fly over an amazing landscape, and then out of nowhere, you see some dude giving it to some girl.  I laugh every time it happens, it's just so out of place, and weird!