It takes a sick kind of person to steal from anyone, but you have to be especially awful to come up with a ruse to steal from the elderly.

These two Indianapolis thieves deserve to be endlessly punished for what they did to this sweet elderly couple, the Griffins. Surveillance cameras at a grocery store caught the two thieves swiping an envelope containing $3,000 in cash from David Griffin's pocket.

The two robbers really were a pair of smooth criminals though when one was "the distraction" by telling Griffin he had a bug on his leg. While Griffin was leaned over to find said bug, the other robber made off with the cash. Griffin's wife Vickie, saw what happened and tried to catch them, but the robbers got away.

Now, we know it's usually pretty dumb to walk around with that much cash on you, however the Griffins had it because they were out shopping for home renovation and moving supplies.

As if stealing that much money from two sweet old people isn’t bad enough, it’s made worse by the fact that Vickie is also a stage-four cancer patient.  So not only did these monsters steal $3,000 from innocent people who were just trying to make their home look nice, but these sweet people also relied on that money for even more.

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