The other day on the show, we talked about January Jones and her comments about eating placenta and popping placenta pills when she feels a bit sluggish.  Of course, she was mocked pretty harshly because, to us, it seemed like the “research” she did wasn’t really based in any sort of fact.

This morning, Free Beer was back for the first time since the birth of his son Henry last week.  He brought in some show and tell, which is always fun.  When the time came, he produced a bag containing 5 little pills.  Free Beer and his wife had done it.  They had taken the placenta from the birth and had it ground up and molded in to pill form!  Holy s*** were we shocked to learn this!  He then asked which member of the show would like to consume some placenta.  Zane agreed right away.  Hot Wings and I were not feeling it and declined.  Joe initially declined as well, but after a bit of pressure, he reluctantly agreed.

A little while later, however, Free Beer revealed that the pills WERE NOT placenta pills, but instead the multi-vitamin he takes every day.  That’s right.  Free Beer trolled us.  And now I trolled you.  Feel free to pass this video along and keep the trolling going!