Producer Joe’s wedding day is finally almost here! He and his lovely fiance Ellen will be tying the knot tomorrow afternoon. His wedding has been the focus of a great deal of discussion on the show over the last few months. Most recently, wedding attire was brought up and various members of the show asked Joe what they should wear to his wedding. This really surprised me.

Every wedding I’ve ever been to, I’ve worn a suit (or a tux, if I was in the wedding). I was under the impression that this was standard operating procedure, unless otherwise stated on the invitation (i.e. “casual dress encouraged...”). It’s a big boy event. You should wear big boy clothes.

However, a debate raged on in the studio this morning about what the appropriate attire was for the event. Zane then said that he planned to wear a short sleeve shirt to the wedding. Hot Wings immediately mocked him by saying he’d wear a bicycle jersey. I commented that he would be dressed like Dwight Shrute from The Office.

Joe compared Zane’s planned clothing to that of Detective Andy Sipowicz from the 90‘s TV hit NYPD Blue.