Last year, our city got invaded by movie makers, in a really good way. Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg shot a lot of scenes for the new movie 'The End of the Tour' here in Grand Rapids, and they even took over our studios for a couple days, to film scenes.

You can see some great GR shots in the trailer, of 28th, downtown on the Interstate, there's even a brief shot of Jason in front of one of our microphones in there!

The movie hits limited release on July 31st, in hopes of building some steam for the Oscars.

You can check out some cool sneaky video I shot while they were filming in and around our building last year! Jason was really nice when we found ourselves in the elevator with him coming up, and talked with everyone (very quietly). He even high-fived us!

Everyone with the film crew speaks very quietly, so they don't mess up any audio during filming. This is a problem for radio peeps. We're kind of noisy, and we talk and laugh without thinking about it. We got shushed by them a LOT, like the wayward little kids we are.

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