Even though we've had record-breaking temperatures lately, pretty soon its going to start getting colder in Michigan. And when it does, stink bugs will start to find their way into our homes to keep warm.

Michigan State University researchers are asking people to keep a look out for these stinkers once you see them. Stink bugs are known for the gross smell they release once you kill/squish them. They won't do harm to you or your pets, they won't bite you, and they won't nest so screaming at the top of your lungs when you see one isn't necessary. But MSU says they can become a problem.

...it starts out as a nuisance pest in homes and businesses and then a few years later it becomes an important agricultural pest for neighboring growers."

Because of this, they can affect Michigan's fruit and vegetables crops. Researchers from MSU already have good enough data on stinkbugs from the [southern] Lower Peninsula but are looking for more data in other parts of the state so they want your help. The map below shows what counties researchers are wanting reports from.

Michigan State University
Michigan State University

There's already enough data from Kent & Ottawa County but other W. MI counties where research is needed include:

  • Barry
  • Ionia
  • Lake
  • Mason
  • Muskegon
  • Newaygo
  • Oceana

If you see a stinkbug you are asked to submit a report here.

They've also provided a picture on what a brown mamorated stink bug (BMSB) looks like.

Michigan State University
Michigan State University

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