They weren't from here, but they left a lasting impression on Michigan sports fans during their tenures in the Mitten State.

Two football legends with ties to Michigan received their yellow jackets Sunday as the newest members into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

Receiver Calvin Johnson, a played for 10 years for the Detroit Lions, and defensive back Charles Woodson, who played at the University of Michigan were part of the Class of 2021 during this weekend's festivities in Canton, Ohio.

In his speech, Calvin Johnson, who  was known as "Megatron" for his seemingly indestructible body, gave tremendous praise for the steadfast Lions fans who he says inspired him to give his all.

"Even when we were 0-16, you showed up." Johnson said, choking back tears. "You were disappointed, but you showed up. This inspired me to do the same."

Woodson, who won the Heisman Trophy while at UM, also got emotional during his speech, and at one point began singing a song to his mother, "Mama, you're the queen of my heart, you're love is like tears from the sky."

The audience wasn't sure whether to chuckle or cry during his warbled tune, but it certainly was the highlight of his speech.

Both players conducted their football careers with dignity and professionalism, and both were just really good guys.

I know it got rocky near the end when Johnson retired early, as Calvin said some bad things about the Lions organization (most of which were true), but in the end, many of us respected his decision to leave the game with his health.

Here's to the memories, Calvin and Charles, Michigan salutes both of you!

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