The Lions rookie has enough problems, what with trying to turn the Lions around, so he certainly doesn't need a MSU fan trying to get his autograph.

The Sparty Fan Also Happens To Be The Son Of A Michigan Politician

While at training camp Monday, Hutchinson was approached by a fawning fan, which is nothing unusual, fans are allowed at times to approach Lions players for autographs.

But when Hutchinson looked down, he saw a Michigan State souvenir football, and that immediately ended the interaction.

The incident was caught on video because that's what trollers do.

The Video Was Posted By Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

You may recognize the name attached to the Twitter account that the video was posted to. It belongs to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. That's because it was her State student son who attempted to get the Sparty ball signed by Hutchinson, who, of course, went to the University of Michigan and may be very adverse to the Green and White. Especially after last year's heartbreaking loss in East Lansing.

That being said, Hutch is a Lion now, and he may have to learn not to alienate half of his fan base.

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Meanwhile, Jared Goff Gives A Young Fan The Experience Of A Lifetime

At the same camp autograph session, a young fan approached Lions quarterback Jared Goff, and had a cute exchange.

Somehow, the young man got a hold of Goff's Lions helmet and returned it to him. Goff then let the kid try on the lid, and gave him his signature to boot. I love that Goff warned the young man that his helmet "might be sweaty", as if that would stop the kid from putting it on.

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Michigan Mansion Doppelganger for 'Home Alone' House On Market for $399K

Had to do a double-take! At first glance, this Saginaw, Mich. mansion looks a lot like the McCallister family home from the movie "Home Alone". The 2.5 story residence was built in 1916 and offers a whopping 16,000 square feet of space, not to mention 80+ parking spots for $399,000.




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