Saturday night, the Free Beer and Hot Wings show hit the DeVos Performance Hall for their annual Live at Night show, and they killed it in front of 2,000 plus people!

Here's some NSFW video from the beginning of the evening, where they brought out some former interns for a little bit of 'Intern Perfection'. They had to complete the Perfection puzzle within 60 seconds, or get 'Antiqued' by Joe!

The contestants were former interns Benercrombie and Butthead Lautner.

The twist: Benercrombie had to complete the challenge with Hot Wings encouraging him with positive reinforcement, and Butthead Lautner had to complete it with Eric Zane screaming insults and profanities at him.

Who got it done? Who got a face-full of flour?

Watch the video to find out!

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