The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show hit Devos Performance Hall on Saturday night to entertain over 2,000 people in Grand Rapids, MI! The guys even outsold Lewis Black, the national comedian who played DeVos the night before!

The evening started at The Bistro with the last chances to win free tickets to the evening for those still looking to get in, and also at DeVos for those lucky (and smart) enough to get their VIP tickets before they sold out!

Then, at a little after 8pm, the guys hit the stage! Their first guests were some former interns, back for more abuse, and an attempt to complete the game 'Perfection' while getting either abused or encouraged.

Benercrombie couldn't get it done, even with Hot Wings' words of encouragement, and got Antiqued by Producer Joe.

Butthead Lautner, even with Zane screaming in his face, was like Rainman, and finished the puzzle before the timer went off! (He still got Antiqued, is Producer Joe).

Next up was time for some audience members to play 'Name That Blank'! Two guys and two girls took the stage, and Dierks Bently from the balcony pulled out a nice come from behind victory!

We couldn't leave out the WZZM crew, so they joined us for a game of 'Lewd and Obscene', where they had to define some really nasty sex terms, and then read the actual definition to the crowd. Fit THAT into the next newscast!

After a short intermission, where everyone got to see the FBHW guys attempting to dunk basketball at SkyZone, the guys hit the stage for some more fun, including 'Family Feud', with Zane and his kids going against Hot Wings and some random audience members.

Finally, one of the most fun parts of the evening, 'Instant Feedback'! Two comics took the stage to perform for 10 minutes, and then had to sit uncomfortably, while Free Beer read some harsh critiques of their set, written by the FBHW guys.


The comics, Derek Hebeler, and Heather Kozlakowski took it all in stride, and had laughs at themselves!

If you missed this year's show, make sure to get your tickets early next year for the Live at Night show! If changes around every year, and you never know what they'll do! Enjoy the photos, and be on the lookout for some video from the show!

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