On Saturday, April 2nd at DeVos for the Live at Night show, there was an incident that people might have suspected as set up, but surprised us as much as everyone else. The guys were about to start a game with listeners on stage, when another listener came up on stage, and one turned to him and said, "I know you. You were hired to do work at my house and just disappeard."

Cue the entire audience saying, "Oooooooooooooooooo".

Things got really awkward and bizarre for a moment, and everyone was thinking fraud, and that a big fight was going to break out. Nothing else really happened, but today, AJ (the suspected fraud artist) called in to explain what happened. So they guys got the victim, Scott, on the phone and let them hash out what really happened!

They also talk about the after party, the amazing contestant for the Bald Truth, and more from Saturday's amazing and sold out show!

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