Since 2009, ArtPrize has become a staple of the arts movement in Grand Rapids. Every year it attracts artists and art enthusiasts from all over the country. However, some in GR have had enough of the art competition.

On Grand Rapids Reddit, Goober 664 shared,

"I have to say I loved Art Prize when it was first a thing but now I have a hard time getting excited for it. Does anybody else feel like this?"

Matt Milhouse, TSM

The question was met with polarizing reaction. Some defended the displays and others object not only to the event but its founder too.

Gotalifetolive said,

"I think it makes a walk through downtown more interesting! I love that it brings money to the city. Although if I don't find a time to go down there I don't feel like I missed out."

Courtesy of Jennifer Cronin

NukaColaNate added,

"I entered some work back in 2010. It was fun. First few years were amazing. Seems like it's got pretty stale."

Backinanhour answered,

"No, but I appreciate it :)"

Matt Milhouse, TSM

Pirten commented,

"This is the first one I’ve experienced, but it seems like an overall positive thing for community. I’m into it."

Photo courtesy of ArtPrize

With 109 people joining the discussion, it was inevitable that some would have burnout.

Velvettv is over it.

"I haven't been excited about it since after the first year."

MrBobtheMagnificent stated,

"I'm bored with it because of the difference between the art world and the Art world. The Artists got mad that artists were winning and not them, so they added a juried prize. One piece that was high on the juried prize was little piles of Portland cement with rocks on top all in a line. Maybe if your at wasn't so esoteric people would like it. The other side of that coin is that the big award had twice gone to a blanket."

Courtesy of Gustavo Prado

AstronautJim lauded,

"Art prize is so desperate they're even paying artists to come here now, and letting them show work from any year they made it."

Matt Milhouse, TSM

Beermemygoodman shared an article. The article is titled "Welcome to ArtPrize, a "Radically Open" Far-Right Art Competition in Grand Rapids." 

Matt Milhouse, TSM

Whether you still enjoy Art Prize or are experiencing burn-out, Art Prize rolls on for another year. It has people talking again...and isn't that the point of art?


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