The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show took to the stage in front of a sold out crowd at DeVos Performance Hall Saturday night, and while none of us really knew what was in store for us, we were not disappointed.

Before the guys even hit the stage, we got to see them take over the WZZM-13 newsroom with their own take on the news. And, we got to see Free Beer as a weathergirl... complete with a dress. (You could totally see what Lauren Stanton later referred to as his "little pokey thing." Yeah, we all know a whole lot about Free Beer's penis now.)

After greeting the crowd, Lauren, Aaron, and Dan from WZZM-13 took the stage to take on the guys in a game of (completely inappropriate) charades, and the fun continued from there.

We all thought we might see a fist fight before "Name That Blank" even started thanks to a previous interaction between one of the contestants and a drywaller named A.J., but luckily A.J. was able to leave the stage before any punches were thrown.

"Gimme Back My Son" came up next, and we got to see some of your "acting" chops at work (mostly there was a lot of yelling.)

The guys bravely let the folks of Reddit roast them, and while the comments were mean, some of them were eerily accurate (their wives DO hate them.)

Lee Van Ameyde from WZZM-13 proved that he's the real O.G. as he delivered song lyrics for "Name That Tune" (which was easily won by a trumpet-playing band teacher who quite enjoys fingering.)

During "Impression or Death" we learned that women CAN do impressions (sort of).

Next up was "The Bald Truth" where we learned some interesting things about members of the audience (there was a married lady who wanted to sleep with a friend of hers), and one of them even got a few bald spots in the process.

The evening ended with what might be a new favorite segment, "Hey! What's in Your Mouth?" where audience members were blindfolded and then had to guess what object had just been placed in their mouths.

All in all, it was an amazing night at DeVos Performance Hall and thank YOU for coming out to the show.

Check out some photos from the night from Terry Johnston Photography below:

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