The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show "Live at Night" at DeVos Performance Hall has a re-scheduled date for 2022.

The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show announced that April 9, 2022, is the new date for the Live at Night show.

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The Live at Night show was originally scheduled for April 11, 2020. Tickets were selling like gangbusters, then COVID-19 came along and the show had to be postponed.

Fans of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show were offered to get a refund for their tickets since the uncertainty of the coronavirus made it impossible to set a new date for the Live at Night show.

While some fans did take the refund, this has now opened up a lot of good seats all throughout the DeVos Performance Hall.

For those of you who hung on to your tickets to 2020, you are all set for 2022's Live at Night show. If you don't have tickets, they will go on sale this Friday, December 10, at 10 a.m. Click here for the link.

If you are a Free Beer & Hot Wings Show fan who hasn't seen the Live at Night show, tickets are a must. The show can only do so much on the radio but live in person, they can do whatever they want...and they will.

When Free Beer & Hot Wings are on the air doing their show, part of the show's success is how they engage with the audience on the radio. Part of the success of the Live at Night show is the very same, with audience members becoming a part of the show on stage. Who knows what Free Beer & Hot Wings will have up their sleeves, but guaranteed the whole hall will be a part of it.

Watch either one of these videos and you will get an idea of what the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show "Live at Night" show is all about.

Since half of the tickets are already sold, you may not want to wait around too long after the tickets go back on sale this Friday.

With Christmas coming up, not to mention birthdays and anniversaries, there are lots of reasons to get the Free Beer & Hot Wings fan in your house tickets for Live at Night.

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