A lot of minor league or junior league hockey teams have a teddy bear toss game, where after the home team scores their first goal, fans throw stuffed animals onto the ice. The bears are then collected and sent to various charities. Usually there's a good amount of stuffed animals that are thrown out of the stands, but for the Western Hockey League's Calgary Hitmen, it went to a different level.

The game was taking place in the arena that the NHL's Calgary Flames play in, and they sold out the game, with over 19,000 people in attendance. The Hitmen scored their first goal, and over 28,000 stuffed animals were thrown onto the ice. This caused a 40-minute delay, and even the players were helping the ice crew get the stuffed animals off of the ice.

Everyone wants to throw stuff on the ice (right?!) and the fact that they go to charity makes it even better! The Hitmen sure will be making a lot of kids happy this Christmas!