Looking for a new career or know someone who is? Michigan State Trooper Recruit School starts August 18, 2018.

Fox 17 reports that MSP are looking for 100 more recruits to fill out their 135th Recruitment Class.

Trooper Recruit School is a 26 week program at the MSP Training Academy in Lansing.

MSP Trooper Chris Gerard told Fox 17,

“We have really ramped up our recruiting efforts, we have some more full-time recruiters now across the state of Michigan to go out and get a little bit aggressive with these recruiting efforts and to really attract the best and the brightest applicants in the state of Michigan."

If you're at least 21, with no felonies, a clean driving record, and a G.E.D. or high school diploma, you can apply to be a state trooper with the Michigan State Police. A college degree is not required.

Find more requirements and information on how to become a state trooper here.

MSP be be at several recruiting events soon, including:

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