New Year, new job? If you're looking to make a career change in 2018, the City of Grand Rapids could be a good place to start.

Over 300 city workers are retiring in the next few years-- and that means job openings for you!

So what kind of jobs are they? And what do they pay?

Many of the jobs do require certain skill sets. Mari Beth Jelks  managing director of Administrative Services, told WOOD-TV 8,

Skilled trades is one of the areas we really are suffering in because there’s a scarcity in the state of Michigan... We’re talking about electricians, mechanics... When we bring in new people and hire new people, they have to be multifaceted in their talents and capabilities and skills.”

Some jobs are entry level, while others require advanced degrees.

So let's dig into it. What jobs are open right now? (Requirements listed are the basic ones-- find out all the information by clicking on the position)

Here are some of the gigs available, at different salary levels:

These are just a few of the City of Grand Rapids jobs open--  Get all the details and apply here. 

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