Over 300 city workers are about to retire over the next three years, and that means job openings for you, especially if you have a particular set of skills.

The city will be hosting a job fair event next Tuesday, February 28 to start screening for potential employees to fill some of those positions that will be left vacant. The event will be held at Cesar Chavex Elementary School, 1205 Grandville Ave. SW.

The city says it is simply replacing retiring employees, not looking to grow their work force. The jobs include everything from snow plow drivers to mechanics to skilled positions in tech and management, some requiring advanced degrees.

“Skilled trades is one of the areas we really are suffering in because there’s a scarcity in the state of Michigan,” Mari Beth Jelks, managing director of Administrative Services, told WOOD-TV 8.

Jelks said they would like to hire home grown talent first and foremost, “Our young people here are going to school. We want them to know there is opportunity here in Grand Rapids."

“When we bring in new people and hire new people, they have to be multifaceted in their talents and capabilities and skills,” Jelks added.



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