This morning it was revealed that WalMart faced a little bit of backlash over the weekend when people noticed that they were selling a sweatshirt that insinuated that Santa was doing cocaine. As a result of the backlash, WalMart pulled the sweatshirts from their shelves.

If you still want to have the image of Jolly old St. Nick snorting blow blazoned across your chest when you attend family Christmas, you're in luck. Amazon offers PLENTY of options - and you can get them in two days with Prime.

There are even a few different options.

Less Cartoon-y, More Realistic

More Cartoon-y, Less Kurt Russell in "The Christmas Chronicles"

And a tank top version in case you're spending your holiday somewhere warm.

More Christmas Ideas

Still looking for something to get that special someone for Christmas this year? How about these gifts that are shaped like the Mitten State? OR, these gifts that are perfect for anyone who loves Michigan.

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