He might have taken a brief trip over to the DC Universe, but James Gunn is still a Marvel guy at heart. Tonight on Twitter, he’ll be watching his MCU debut, Guardians of the Galaxy, with anyone who wants to join him for a live-tweet.

The party starts at 9PM ET. The hashtags to follow are #QuarantineWatchParty and #GotG. And remember this is the first Guardians that he’s watching, not the sequel. (Although if the quarantine continues long enough, maybe he’ll do that one next.) Given the number of Guardians cast members who are active on Twitter, it wouldn’t shock me if a few other special guests show up to take part. If you have Disney+, the film is currently available for streaming there. You can also rent the film on a variety of online home video platforms.

Gunn is scheduled to return for a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, although that film does not have an official release date at the moment. Gunn recently finished shooting his DC debut, The Suicide Squad, which is currently scheduled to open in theaters on August 6, 2021. In the meantime, we’ll be interested to hear what Gunn has to say about the original Guardians in 2020, and who knows? Maybe he’ll finally reveal the identity of the super-secret last Easter egg that supposedly nobody has ever found in the movie.

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