Michigan lawmakers could have passed a bill to legalize weed to amend later, or bring their own plan to the ballot, or do nothing...and what do lawmakers usually do? Nothing.

According to WZZM, Michigan Lawmakers will once again have the voters do their job and decide on the legalization of recreational marijuana come this November.

Senate Republicans wanted to find a way to keep legal weed off the ballot but couldn't get enough representatives to vote to do so.

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard said, "There's simply not support in the chamber to pass this right now. We're nowhere in the ballpark."

The House declined to vote, the Senate declined to vote, so it looks like its up to you to decide the fate of legal weed in Michigan this November.

We are confident Michigan voters understand that marijuana prohibition has been an absolute disaster and that they will agree that taxing and regulation marijuana is a far better solution. Multiple polls show that roughly 60 percent of Michigan voters want to see marijuana legalized and regulated.

The fate of recreational marijuana in Michigan will be decided at the ballot this November.


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