Volbeat will be here in just a few days, on June 5th at 20 Monroe Live. There are a few tickets left, and GRD is giving away the last pairs of tickets for the show, so keep listening to win. Just in time, Volbeat has posted a new riff they're working on, with the promise that if we're good, we might get a new song!

Check out the video above for the new riff, and start being "I want Christmas presents" good, so maybe they will play the new song at our show here in Grand Rapids!

The band has a history of playing parts of new songs on tour before a new album. A few years ago, they debuted the first half of "The Devil's Bleeding Crown" while on tour in the US, and then played the whole thing in Europe before hitting the studio to record and release Seal the Deal...and Let's Boogie last year.

Here's hoping we get new Volbeat on Monday!

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