Looking for a frustrating game that takes a lot of patience to defeat? Maybe you want to send yourself back in time, to a time where The Simpsons ruled the world. The Simpsons also tried to rule the video game world, but every time they tried, the brought horror and broken controllers.

Leading that charge, was Virtual Bart.

I remember playing this game as a kid and just enjoying it for the fact that it was The Simpsons. However, I never really could beat it. I don't think anyone has really beat this game, it's just that difficult. My friend of over 18 years named Jon and I have battled many Surge filled nights trying to beat this game, but every time we do, we end up getting pissed off and usually turning off the game.

You play as Bart Simpson. Bart stumbles into a virtual reality machine that takes him to worlds that are beyond reality. Bart becomes a pig, a baby, slides down a slide, and even becomes a road warrior shooting water balloons in a post apocalyptic Springfield. It's a fun concept of a game, but does it really need to be this difficult?

If you decide to give this game a shot, good luck. Even on the virtual spinning wheel is a 'death spot.' If you land on this spot, which is totally random by the way, you will lose a life. HOW S***TY is that? If you are going to lose a life in a game, it shouldn't be because the game says you can, it should be because you lost. I think that sucks...

Now for the game itself. The controls are stiff (stupid dinosaur level...), the levels are unforgiving (sometimes go WAY to long), you can die with one hit kills, its difficult to find things, etc. Going back to the stiff controls, the stiffness really adds challenge, but stiff controls shouldn't be something that brings challenge, the game should do that by itself. Which it does a fine job of doing already!

Trial and error! The only way to beat it, is if you play it a billion times and remember where everything is. In your first try, you are NEVER going to beat this game. The Tomato Tossing level? Yea...good luck...your aim has to be incredibly accurate, and on the 16-bit Sega Genesis, making this level work is near impossible. Keep in mind, you have to hit EVERY Simpsons character. Practice makes perfect right?

My least favorite level? That damn Dinosaur level. It takes FOREVER to get through it. Every time you scale the mountain, a stupid rock hits you and you fall to your death. It's BULL****! I did one time actually reach the end where Smithers & Mr. Burns were throwing bones at me, and I had to beat them. I had NO clue what do to. I did everything to inflict damage, but nothing hit them. After well over an hour of this frusterating level, I died right at the end and back to the title screen I went.

Someday, I will show you this fine game, but I will need at least 20 beers to feel better about it.