Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/whatever that is a gamer? Can't quite afford the classic flowers? Box O' Chocolates? Time to break out the old gaming console (or newer console) and jam out some video games! Nothing says "I love you," more than a beating the crap out of each other in video games.


  • Midway Co.

    Mortal Kombat

    Well, not necessarily the most 'loving' game in this list. It is a good time to watch Kano rip out the heart of your opponent. You could turn it into a type of thing where, "You give your heart to the other...." or something. OH WAIT! If you are a really good player, and he/she is not, you could allow them to win! Then they would be all like, "Oh, I am so good at this game." Then that person is a good mood and boom! LOVE (or something)!!! You know what? How about this....don't be a sissy and just kick your soul-mate's ass...that's better.

  • Lego Star Wars

    LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga

    Key word: TEAMWORK! This is what this game is all about. In a relationship, you work as a team to make things work. Nothing spells out TEAMWORK better than Lego Star Wars. You collect things together, reach the goal together, take down Stormtroopers together, etc. Best part about this game though? Anyone can play it! Even non-gamers! So if you would like to spend some quality time together and play a fun game. Lego Star Wars can fill that void.

  • Nintendo

    Super Mario Bros. 3

    Who doesn't know of Super Mario Bros. 3 at this point it life? It's easy to learn and you take turns playing either Mario or Luigi. Co-Op game play is key here. You both work together to reach the end of each world. How awesome is that? It is an easy to play game, once you get the hang of holding down the "B" button. Some gamers like to take it slow though. On the other hand, if the other player enjoys collecting every damn coin, it can get kinda frustrating. YOU DON'T NEED EVERY DAMN COIN! Nah....I haven't had this experience before or anything *shrugs*.

    Yes, Super Mario Bros. 3, testing relationships since 1988.

  • Nintendo

    Mario Kart 64

    Go-Karting? How is that not fun? There have been many different versions of Mario Kart, but Mario Kart 64 has always been the definitive kart racing game. Either battle each other, go for the fastest time, or work together at who can be the best Mario Kart Racer! It's like a friendly competition with your companion. This is one of the easier games to pick up and play because you really only need to remember a few buttons, which "ease of play" is very important when it comes to a "Valentine's Game Day." It's a fun game! Until you unleash a "Leader Shell" on your companion while they are in first...then prepare for a controller imprint across your face.

  • Bungie

    Halo: Combat Evolved

    Not 2, 3, 4, ODST, Reach....whatever. HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED!

    WARNING! Do not play this game unless you two play games regularly. You've been warned!

    Why the warning? This game is known for one person getting it, and the other not getting it. There is always going to be someone way better than you when it comes to Halo, but if you two "get it," the WOO HOO! HALO! Shoot each other, battle for the high score, or jump online together and take down a whole team of 5 year olds! Halo is always a good time. Multi-Player aside, the campaign co-op is a lot of fun and takes a lot of communication to get through the game. Work together and conquer the Covenant!