A Lansing school teacher is currently on paid leave after her involvement in a knock-down, drag-out fight which was captured on a cellphone video at a Lansing high school.

The parents of the 13-year-old student who was also involved in the altercation at Dwight Rich School on Wednesday sent the video to local news outlets, including WLNS-TV. The raw video and the TV station's report are below.

Olivia Snider is the student who is seen fighting with the teacher. She and her mother Bobbi Snider tell the TV station that the fight began when the teacher put her hands on the girl's cousin who also attends the school. That interaction was not captured on video.

“I asked why she did that and she said she can do whatever she wants and she was recording me and everything and she kept recording me and said it again, that she can do whatever the f she wants,” Olivia said.

Olivia's mother continued, indicating that her daughter may have taken the first swing but only after the teacher gestured toward her with her fist.

“Olivia said that she knocked on the door and told her to let her in, the teacher opened up the door and had her fist balled up so Olivia swung on her, the teacher tripped her and started choking her,” Bobbi said.


A History of Bad Behavior

Olivia's mother indicates that the altercation took place just one day after her daughter had returned to school from another suspension. She also says that there is a history of bad blood between this teacher and her daughter.

“I’m just over it, I’m over all the stuff from the Lansing School District,” Bobbi said.


My Opinion

Because this is not a 'traditional' news site, I am allowed to opine. So here goes.

It appears - and my opinion is curated solely from the information in the videos below - that the 13-year-old in this video has a behavior problem that needs to be brought under control, quickly.

It also appears that her mother is turning a blind eye to her daughter's behavior. She seems to intimate that many of the girl's teachers are the problem, and she believes every word her daughter says, refusing to take an objective view of the situation.

She seems to not be holding her daughter responsible for any of her actions and that could be a recipe for disaster in the future.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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