For the first time since 1901, people won't be able to get candy conversation hearts this Valentine's season because the company who makes them went out of business.

But who wants a chalky candy when you can have DONUTS?! That's right, Krispy Kreme has swooped in and saved Valentine's Day because starting January 30th they will be selling Conversation Doughnuts and they are LEGIT!

The heart-shaped doughnuts come in different pastel-y colors with messages such as the classics "Be Mine" and "I ♥ You." But they've also thrown in some modern messages that will be perfect for the millennial in your life like "DM ME", "All The Feels" and "So Extra."

Valentine_Conversation_Doughnuts_2 (1)

Even better are the flavors of the doughnuts.

Cake Batter, Strawberries & KREME™, Raspberry Filled and Chocolate KREME™ Filled.

Are you drooling yet?!

If you're the type of person who has a hard time expressing how you feel, especially to someone you admire, these doughnuts will do the sweet talking for you.

The Valentine Conversation Doughnuts will be available from January 30th to February 14th. If you're a Krispy Kreme rewards member you can get a free one (with any purchase) on Wednesday, February 6th.

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