As a woman who has never in her life had flowers sent to her (read: you should probably send me flowers), it didn't even occur to me that FRIDAY is actually the day you should be sending your lady a bouquet.


Well, if your wife or girlfriend has a job, she'd probably rather get the flowers at work. You know, to show off. I'd imagine that's half the joy of getting flowers: "Look at me! Someone loves me!"

Thanks to Business Insider for cluing me in on this hot tip so I could pass it along.

It's not that a lady would turn down flowers on a Saturday, but as Tom Sebenius, cofounder of The Arrangement Floral Design, told Business insider:

"The impact is made when you send flowers to their work ... it's a status symbol."

So, tomorrow then. That's coming up pretty quick.

Is there enough time to even pull this off? I think so. Is it too late to order online?

Well, you can always, you know, use that thing called a telephone and actually talk to a human and see if a flower shop could help you out.

Or pick out the flowers and deliver them yourself. Ooooh, I like that option!

Anyway. The 97.9 WGRD station address is ...

Just kidding. Get your girl the flowers.

I prefer jewelry anyway.

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