There have been a ton of photos released from space before, with amazing detail, even thought their taken from many, many miles away. Heck, the International Space Station is like, 270 miles away from earth, and they can read the newspaper you're sitting with on the park bench!

But, HD video hasn't been a thing. Until now.

UrtheCast has the first HD video taken from the ISS, and has let out a few videos, including Boston, Barcelona, and London! You can see the tiny little cars driving along, boats in the river...even how big some of the landmarks are! Like the London Eye (that gigantic ferris wheel on the river).

This could either be a cool thing we can watch, and use to watch events unfold around the world, or could totally be used by those criminals in public office to spy on people and be jerks, as usual.

Just wait until some rich porn guy pays for them to zoom in on his porn shoot, so he can add space camera people to his movies. There's already been drone-porn, so why not ISS-Space-Camera-Porn?

Actually, that would be better than politicians using the space cameras.