Last week, we took a look at some video game myths and legends named Pop Fiction. What about the truth though? For that, we have the nicely crafted video series on YouTube named 'Did You Know Gaming?'

I am always interested in how video games come to be, and how they are created. How do people come up with these great ideas? How does this exist? When was the Super FX chip truly introduced?

You can find all of your answers you want to know about some of your favorite video game series here in Did You Know Gaming. There is a large selection of videos to watch, from anything spanning to video game consoles to your favorite franchises. One of the coolest things they did was an Easter Egg hunt in Metal Gear Solid, which had a ton of things that I never knew existed.

If you are looking to waste some time and maybe get a good "OH!" here and there, check out Did You Know Gaming below.