Surely you've heard of the hotel built entirely of ice? Did you know that there's also a village created every year entirely out of ice, too?

In Kittila, Lapland, the village is called Snow Village (of course it is), and features a chapel, theater, hotel, ice restaurant and ice cocktail bar.

This year, it also featured the world's first stage built entirely of ice and snow, thanks to Jagermeister!

The Jagermeister people set up a series of shows in Snow Village, and the first band to play there was United Kingdom metallers TesseracT.

The upside? You've done something pretty freaking cool!

The downside? You can't feel your hands after one song!

To combat this for the duration of their 75-minute set each band member is given a special heat sack, a small marble-sized bag that is as hot as a freshly microwaved baked potato, to hold between songs and return some feeling to their frozen riff digits.

via Metal Hammer

The stage looks freaking amazing, and the drum riser was about 30 feet above the rest of the stage! I wonder if the wind was harsher up there?

Anyway, hundreds of people showed up to get rocked, and only one person had a slip on a stage made entirely of ice!

That is better than if I'd been up there, because I'd have fallen about every 10 seconds.

The band noticed some tuning issues during songs, since it was 20 degrees below zero during the set, and the guitars don't like that, but it was a great show for everyone! And look how freaking AWESOME it looked!

Don't complain the next time you're playing a show and the club isn't a perfect 70 degrees. It could be worse!

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