Nobody ever tries to say dancing is easy. Dancing in front of a television and live audience is even more difficult. Add in the fact of being well over six feet tall and more than 200 pounds and, well, maybe some things just aren't meant for people of certain stature. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira should take note of that statement.

Dancing With The Stars is a massive show here in the United States with B-list celebrities, fading athletes and marginally talented people all competing for a worthless crystal ball for dancing around a stage and being judged like dogs. On the heels of success comes imitation, however, and Brazil also has their own incarnation of the reality program.

As many know, mixed martial arts was essentially born and raised in Brazil. Ergo, some veteran MMA fighters are incredibly popular in the country. Somewhere, some network big wig had the genius decision to put an over-sized athletic freak in "Minotaur" Nogueira on that dancing stage to compete with dainty actors and other Brazilian celebrities in a competition of grace and smooth moves. This five and a half minute video is what resulted.

Most of the words are unintelligible (unless you speak Portugese), but the images and sounds are too horrifying to hear anything they say anyway. The United States version of the competition has had a boxer in Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the show, but he also tips the scales at 150 pounds. Take a moment to look at the stellar, up to date costuming decisions before even addressing the dance "moves" portrayed in this gem of a video.

Now that those sights are settled into the back of your eyes, acknowledge Nogueira punching as a "dance move" as well as his finishing technique in a classy choking gesture. We talk a lot on this page about the UFC becoming popular and in the mainstream, but can we all agree that a heavyweight fighter with a serious case of two left feet being on a dancing program may be toeing the line of appropriate?

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the hot dance moves by Nogueira!

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