The first day of Fall hasn't even officially begun (9/22) but companies and businesses are already thinking about the busiest time of the year... the holidays.

The U.S. Postal Service announced that they are wanting to hire over 40,000 workers, nationwide, for the upcoming season.

58 job fairs are being held across the country to begin the hiring process. Keep a look out for those in Michigan here. Job fairs have already been held in Greenville, Kalamazoo, and Montague with more expected across the state. Pre-registration is required

CEO and Postmaster DeJoy says seasonal jobs even have the potential to turn into careers for many people. Open positions vary and include:

  • Drivers
  • Sales and service
  • Delivery/carriers in city and rural areas
  • Sorting and handling
  • Mechanics
  • Support staff (i.e. custodian)

You can see a full list of jobs here and what each position entails. All of them will include on-the-job training and "competitive compensation."

USPS is expecting even higher mail and package deliveries this year, so, to prepare they are leasing additional facilities and "installing new processing equipment."

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It's no secret that across the country businesses are struggling to find workers but with the holiday season, and people wanting/needing extra cash around that time, hopefully this will motivate people to apply for a new gig.

Over the summer there were A TON of job and career fairs so with the approaching holidays you can expect to see a lot more once again.

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