This is interesting and creepy all at the same time.

Kaleb Barbeaux posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, a bizarre catch he pulled out of the lake near DeTour Village in the U.P. As you can see in the video, he caught a trout that had two mouths on it.

Technically it looks like it had a regular mouth and then a gaping hole just below the regular jaw, and it's not the first time a fish like this has been caught, although it may be the first one like this from the Lake Huron/Munuscong Lake area. The last time was farther east, in New York.

Last August, the news outlet The Independent posted an article about a lady catching a trout with two mouths out of Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, New York. When she caught it and posted the pictures to Facebook, a lot of people thought it could be a mutation from pollution or a birth defect, with some people even relating it to local folklore about a monster named, Champy.  But that was a monster much like the Loch ness monster, supposedly 187 feet long.

Although WFMK posted back in March about some Lake Huron folklore, which says there a large serpent/reptile type monster named "Mishebeshu", that supposedly lives in a cave near the mouth of the Serpent River. So I mean, possibly as with the belief of the fish in New York, it could be offspring from that monster. But as with Champy, that's highly unbelievable - mostly since both were trout, not really reptile-like, or 187 feet long -or anywhere close to that.

In The Independent story, a fish researcher at London’s Natural History Museum named Ralf Britz had a more logical explanation as to why the two fish both seem to have two mouths,

“All fish have, behind their jaws, a set of gill arches and a hyoid arch. What appears to have happened to this fish – either through a birth defect or more likely an injury at some point – is that the skin and muscle which covers these arches and connects them to the lower jaws have been lost and left the skeletal structure exposed."

Whatever the case may be, Kaleb caught a very cool yet creepy trout the other day near DeTour Village.

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