I think everyone's thought about spending the night in a big box store. I mean, there's beds and food and even games to play. Just don't get caught, or your mom will go to jail.

Two Ludington girls thought they would take on a lesser known social media challenge to set up a fort and camp in a big box store overnight. However, staff at the Ludington Wal-Mart stumbled upon them early in the morning, and called the cops after the kids fled.

The police came upon the girls walking down a road near the store, and at that point, called their parents, via a cell phone one of the kids had left at the store.

Here is where the story should have ended, with the kids getting a stern talking to from the cops, and in my case, an butt whupping from Dad, but that's not what happened.

When one of the moms showed up to take her little princess home, police noticed her acting strangely, and when they shook her down, found out she was holding some heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, and there are laws against that stuff, so off to jail she went.

"When they called the mother, she had indicated she dropped the kids off there and it was one of these social media challenges," Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole told WZZM. "I just do not know what would inspire someone to leave their 10-year-old daughter inside a Walmart at 2 a.m."

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