We're all feeling a little bit crazy right now... So are the turkeys, apparently!

Justin Copelin caught three turkeys spinning dizzily around and around a telephone pole in the Alger Heights neighborhood Friday morning. He captioned the video: "I think this about sums up how most of us are feeling right about now..."


Copelin was heading south on Union Ave. near the intersection with Billantau Street when the frenzied fowl caught his eye. There is a little wooded area behind the houses nearby and residents are used to seeing the turkeys frolicking in the neighborhood.

It does kind of seem that while we all are staying in, the wildlife are out and about! Maybe the turkeys will have a meet up with that herd of deer who were recently caught strolling down a residential street... or the westside bear perhaps? Wait, that's probably not a great idea for the turkeys...

Anyway, it is a pretty nice distraction right now to see nature just doing its thing!

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