Zakk Wylde: The Guitar God has always been known as one of the greatest guitarist of all time. When I met him, we talked about B-Movies such as 'Jaws: The Revenge,' 'Evil Dead,' and 'The Toxic Avenger.' This of course brought up the question, "What does Zakk Wylde do in his spare time anyway?"

First of all, Zakk is one the coolest dudes I have ever met and I still get a smile on my face knowing that I met the dude and chatted like long time friends.

In an interview with Zakk while on the road has to take a break from the 'Heavy' stuff, and pop in a disc of Elton John, The Eagles, Neil Young, and even Beethoven, during his 18 hour drive! But when he's lifting weights or whatever, he's headbanging to PANTERA, MESSHUGGAH, or even MINISTRY! The soft stuff is meant for his time to 'mellow out.'

Zakk has always been the man to take it to the limit for some brewskies as well! Hell, the guy could most likely take a whole keg himself, but sadly, the brews were taking a tole on his life! Doctors ordered for him to sober up, and for 2 years the Metal Master has been sober! Gotta give it to the guy, us metal heads enjoy a few beers or 20.

So keep kickin' it Zakk, you are still a massive BAD-ASS that knows how to bring the Demons of Metal!