So this article "Top Ten Guys Women Fantasize about Cheating With" caught my eye.

Now, before you get all nervous about your lady fantasizing about your brother, you should know the original survey was done in Australia. Not that I know for a fact that American women would feel differently, I just haven't seen that survey.

Oh. And the women who participated in the study belong to an online dating site for married or attached people seeking "confidential" relationships.

Victoria Milan calls itself "one of the world’s leading online dating website for people searching for a secret affair."

The service "is specially designed for men and woman who are currently in a relationship but seek some excitement and spice on the side through a discreet flirt or affair."

They offer helpful tips and encouragement on their website for those interested in partaking of their services, such as:

"Keeping your affair a secret is more of an art form than a secret."

(what does that even mean?)


"Human beings are creatures of habit and a married affair is the best way to change it."


(Really? The BEST way?)

In addition, the website does surveys and polls. News Mail reports that recently the site did a new survey in which they asked over 4,000 of their female subscribers who they fantasize about cheating with. Here are the answers:

1. Yoga teacher, 20%.

2. A colleague or boss, 18%.

3. A neighbor, 13%.

4. One of your friends, 10%.

5. Her ex, 10%.

6. With a woman, 9%.

7. Your brother, 7%.

8. Her physical therapist, 6%.

9. Her favorite bartender, 5%.

10. Her doctor, 2%.

And there you have it.

Would women from the US answer differently? Or how about women who aren't subscribed to a website who's tagline is "Relive Your Passion-- Find Your Affair"-- would they answer differently?

What do you think?