This is going to make a lot of Michigan residents mad.

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The Great Lakes State has landed in the top ten list of the angriest states in America. My question is what specifically are Michiganders so mad about?

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Could it be the roads? The weather? Or is it the fact that there are no In-N-Out Burger locations in the state?

Yes, to all of the above. However, according to Best Life, the exact reasons Michigan peeps are so angry are as follows,

  • Hate crimes
  • Road rage fatalities
  • Internet comments

Sad but true. I believe we can all agree that hate crimes and road rage fatalities are definitely reasons to be upset and or angry. That being said, the fact that internet comments ranked so high is insane. The fact that people get so angry over comments on social media is really ridiculous.

If you don't agree with a comment, keep scrolling. If you keep seeing the same type of irritating comments from someone on your friends list or someone that you follow - delete them. Done and done.

Come on Michigan, life is too short to be so damn angry. On the bright side, MI did not rank number one on the list of the Angriest States In America. Drumroll please, Michigan came in at number ten.

All of the angry states on the list were determined by the same three criteria listed above. Check out the list below, some of the states on the list may surprise you.

Top 10 Angriest States In America

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