Almost all of the Michiganders I've ever met just don't like Ohio. Yeah I know that it has something to do with a skirmish back in the 1800s and even more skirmishes over the years with a team that hails from The Buckeye State...um...oh yeah, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Still there are other things that people who are from out of state may not realize that they are doing and saying that may give Michigan born-and-breds a bit of a pause.

Like pronouncing Ypsilanti "Yip-Sil-Ann-Tee" when it's really pronounced "Ip-Sill-Ann-Tee". Or complaining about a Michigan Left. Or even pronouncing Hamtramck "Ham-Tramk" instead of "Ham-Tram-Ick."

See, that's just a small sample of things that can be mispronounced, or claimed, or whatever that can possibly upset your local Michigander.

Oh yeah...here's one more for you. When you're watching a commercial on TV or listening to a commercial on the radio and the announcer says "Oh-Key-Mose", it's a dead give away that the announcer isn't from Michigan or if they are, they are from so far away that they are unaware that "O-Kuh-Mus" is how you pronounce Okemos.

Take a minute or two and check out the gallery below of other things that people say and do that can make someone from Michigan angry and compare notes with things that you know, or have experienced or heard.

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10 Ways to Make Someone From Michigan Angry

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