On Sunday during his CBS broadcast of the Chiefs/Cowboys game, Tony Romo was commenting on Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters' attempted tackle of Ezekiel Elliott and said, "He makes Deion Sanders look good at tackling sometimes." Oh damn! Shots fired! Well, that didn't go unnoticed by Neon Deion, who fired back by basically saying "Scoreboard."

Later on Sunday on NFL Network's NFL GameDay Prime, the clip was played for Sanders and he unleashed on Romo. Sanders noted that Romo was a starter for ten years, yet he had basically nothing to show for it, except for two wins. Sanders then put the final nail in the coffin when he said that he "got a gold jacket that [he] didn't buy," a reference to his NFL Hall of Fame status.

Now, to be fair, Romo just retired and could make it to the Hall of Fame one day, but still. This was a fantastic exchange. Advantage, Sanders!

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