Though the lyric video for Tom Keifer's 'It's Not Enough' single has a nostalgic feel to it thanks to the projector-like background, the song is very much a modern-day rock track. 'It's Not Enough' is the latest release to come from the Cinderella frontman's successful debut solo album, 'The Way Life Goes,' and the lyric video is debuting exclusively here at Loudwire.

In the clip, the lyrics are shown over vintage-looking footage. Some of the visuals include movie projector-like shots of joy riding vehicles speeding down the road, rock concert clips, a rodeo rider, skydivers and more. As for the song itself, 'It's Not Enough' comes with a wicked ever-present guitar line, a little bit of a bluesy, bar rock vibe and Keifer's very signature vocal prowess.

Keifer tells Loudwire of the track, "'It's Not Enough' is a song about living life to the max! The initial thought for a video was a performance clip but that didn't seem to really capture the essence of the song for everyone as we all have different passions in life. Instead, the video is a montage of lyrics and images that depict rushes of adrenaline. From loud volume and speed to jumping out of planes. There can never be enough of what makes us feel alive! It's different for everyone!"

As stated before, 'It's Not Enough' is featured on 'The Way Life Goes' album. The disc is currently available on Amazon and iTunes and also features the singles 'Solid Ground' and 'The Flower Song.' Look for Keifer playing songs from the disc, as well as some Cinderella classics, on tour at these locations.

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