As a huge avocado lover, National Avocado Day is pretty much the best holiday we can have and what better way to celebrate than with ALL THE GUAC!

& today Guac is NOT extra at Chipotle because they are offering FREE GUAC to their customers in honor of the special day. The way to score this freebie is by placing an order either on their website or mobile app. You can get the green goodness with an entree, as a free side or free chips & guacamole when you buy an entree.

The nice part about ordering online/app is that when you walk into Chipotle you can skip the line and your order will be waiting for you!

People have been going nuts over this promotion already today because their servers went down for a bit today.

And let's be honest, you don't need a holiday to stuff your face with guacamole so if you're looking for the best one (that isn't at a Mexican restaurant), you have to try "Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole" from Trader Joe's. And don't let the word "reduced guilt" get to you - you would never expect it!

WARNING: Eating this guacamole can result in an empty container in one sitting.


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